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Tomace S.r.l. is a skilled company working in fluorinated coatings field.
Thanks to the experience acquired in over than twenty years, we are able to grant a complete satisfaction of our customers, who are looking for solutions against problems of corrosion, stick and friction of a given surface.
By using special coatings technology, fluoropolymer-based, it is infact possible, to increase the performances of mechanical components and to satisfy specific production needs in various industrial applications.


It is the founder of the family of fluoropolymers whose chemical formula is polytetrafluoroethylene which for brevity we refer to as PTFE. This fluoropolymer coating provides anti-friction surfaces which have very high “no stick” features and a low coefficient of friction. It works with no interruptions up to 260° C. Instead, It can intermittently operate up to 315° C. Its main use is for industry, with a wide range of applications in the food industry, textile industry, rubber and plastics, automotive, paper and packaging machinery. In the chemical industry the PTFE is of poor application, as it is limited by the permeability of the film, either for the low thickness (35/40 microns), or for the sintered composition.


It is a fluoropolymer derived from the founder whose chemical formula is: copolymer of ethylene – propylene fluorinated; for brevity referred to as FEP. Unlike PTFE, FEP is a thermoplastic element and therefore it melts during cooking by providing a coating with a non-porous surface. FEP has high non-stick property, low friction coefficient and excellent chemical resistance. We can get multiple layers of coating by FEP and so we can reach up to 60 microns thick. The FEP’S coatings can work up to 205 °C, without any interruptions. 230 C° are tolerated in an intermittent mode. FEP is mainly used for industrial applications that require either a very high level of non-stick and an excellent resistance to chemical corrosion; therefore it finds application in the chemical industry and in the production of molded parts as its high non-stick property makes the detachment of the mold easier.


Even this fluoropolymer is derived from the founder, its chemical formula is: tetrafluoroethylene for fluorinated, and has got a partially crystalline powder form. As the FEP is a thermoplastic element and therefore provides a coating with a non-porous surface with a low coefficient of friction and an excellent chemical resistance. It can work at a continuous temperature of 260° C. and intermittently till 310° C. With PFA It is possible to obtain coatings up to 150 microns thick and over with few layers. It is resistant to an even wider range of chemicals than the FEP. It can be said that its mechanical, electrical and thermal properties are similar to those of the PTFE resin.


It is the new non-stick ceramic coating and it is free of PTFE and PFOA (all ceramic coatings are free of these ingredients). Being a ceramic allows Solgel to resist extreme temperatures, up to 350° C continuously and up to 400 C° intermittently. It does not contain polluting solvents and works at lower temperatures, saving energy and money.



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Sliding and Detachment


Sliding and Detachment


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With glass and ceramic microspheres on steel and aluminium

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