With glass and ceramic microspheres on steel and aluminium

What is micro shot peening line?

The micro shot peening is undoubtedly the most efficient and performing method to obtain perfectly polished metal surfaces, chemically clean and aesthetically satisfying. For these reasons at Tomace S.r.l. we have decided to offer this outstanding application on stainless steel and aluminum to all our customers in several industrial sectors.

What is the micro shot peening? What are the differences with the sandblasting process?
Micro shot peening is a unique polishing treatment performed using special glass and ceramic micro-spheres thrown at pressure through a nozzle on the surface of any metal object to be treated.

The sandblasting guarantees a degree of surface roughness – measured in Ra – ranging between 3.5 and 4.5, whereas the micro shoot peening is far more effective in smoothing surfaces dropping the roughness to 0.8 Ra. Thus, the treated metal surface results so polished to be considered “velvety” to the touch.
Due to the this unique degree of reduction of roughness, the micro shoot peening encompass the merely functional and mechanical action of sandblasting by adding also a hygienic and, above all aesthetic, result.


Micro shot peening: a perfect result without side effects

For example, the micro shot peening on the stainless steel can provide at the same time a better result with fewer side effects than any other operations such as satin, brushing, bright scotch finish and stripping. A micro-blasted stainless steel surface with the appropriate micro spheres will have neither scratches nor unsightly halos.

Of course, is not just an aesthetic result. After a micro shot peening treatment the look is definitely better, but this process also increases the mechanical characteristics of the product improving its hardness, resistance and increasing its durability.

The micro shot peening eliminates the inner causes of corrosion

Micro shot peening treatment results in aesthetic perfection, mechanical improvement, but also complete sanitization of the surface. Incorrect or aggressive hygienic treatments, thermal alterations or the use of rough tools can, in fact, promote corrosion phenomena that stainless steel should eliminate. With a special shot peening treatment, we are able to restore the original characteristics of the stainless surface and therefore to erase all the substances responsible for the formation of the oxides.

The Micro shot peening treatment is necessary to prepare the surface either for subsequent treatments or coatings or as a finishing step not followed by further operations.

The result is a less porous, more uniform and bright metal surface which is more resistant and easier to clean.


From the food industry to automotive

As you can imagine, the micro shot peening treatment can be crucial in more than one sector. Indeed, this process is used in the food, the pharmaceutical , the packaging sector and also the automotive industry. In fact, micro shot peening treatment is essential in all those sectors where it is required the use of extremely uniform stainless steel and aluminum surfaces, aesthetically beautiful and easy to clean allowing greater product quality and increased productivity.

The combination of the most advanced technologies, such as micro shot peening , together with our twenty years experience , allows Tomace to always offer to its customers a he highest quality service.