Technical features

The fluoropolymer ETFE combines a higher mechanical strength to an exceptional chemical inertia. It grants a perfect workability, a specific gravity of 1.7, and a particular strength at very high radiations.

This type of fluoropolymers are processed through conventional techniques of casting to extrusion, through injection, compression, up to molding the product into the desired shape.

PFA resins offer operating temperatures till to 260° C and provide an excellent resistance to low temperatures as well as an exceptional durability to flame.

The excellent melt strength and heat stability enable this type of resin to be used in applications where you need to mold materials at very high temperatures. It is thus possible the contact between the corrosion-resistant metals to melted resins (we speak about temperatures between 316° and 427°).

The main applications of those treatments are the following:

  • cables and ropes for insulation and covering
  • coating of flaps and pumps, production of laboratory tools
  • components of electromechanisms, production of tubes
  • adhesives and glues at high temperatures