Sliding and Detachment

Technical features

The PFA-FEP-SolGel line includes a wide range of coatings specifically developed to prevent those products that by their nature tend to stick to surfaces.

In the industrial application, for example, you use it to prevent the stick of food products (pasta, bakery products and others). We use it also to reduce the stick of paints, inks, adhesives, rubber, plastics and many more.

The FEP (chemical formula: copolymer of ethylene – propylene fluorinated) has high non-stick properties, low friction coefficient and excellent chemical resistance as being able to get multiple layers of coatings, we can have up to 60 microns thick. The FEP coatings can be continuously used at a temperature of 200° C and, intermittently to 205° C.

The PFA (tetrafluoroethylene for fluorinated) provides a coating with a non-porous surface with a low coefficient of friction and excellent chemical resistance. It can even work at continuous temperature of 260° C. and, intermittently up to 310° C.

It also offers the possibility to obtain coatings up to 150 microns and over with few layers.